Game Theory: The Dirty Secrets of PowerWash Simulator

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I was called out to see if I could find the lore in PowerWash Simulator by the Theorist community and @Markiplier himself! Well, wish granted! PowerWash Simulator has layers, and I'm not only talking about the dirt and grime you are washing away. This game is DARK! Today I am loading my PowerWash with clues and secrets! You'll have to wash - I mean WATCH to find out more!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Dam
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    I’m convinced that this man can make a theory out of anything

    1. Drillbitz
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      He can make a theory on my cousin's more chaotic murders.

    2. Benjamen Lebedev
      Benjamen Lebedev
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      @Leléo theory of a theory - he's definitely capable of that.

    3. Benjamen Lebedev
      Benjamen Lebedev
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      You know the saying: "Anything's possible"

    4. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
      Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
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      "says that Luigis mansion 3 is a long game" i literally did the story mode everyday

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    Rip Tide
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    I thought Mat pats down turn into insanity was completed in the last Fnac 6 vidéo but now I realize that I was wrong and NOW mat pat has finally gone insane

  5. Natalie Stubbs
    Natalie Stubbs
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    Thanks for doing my science homework. XD

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    Random Frog
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    “Who couldn’t say no to that face?” Me.

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    Make anythingScary and fun

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    I love the hamilton refrences

  11. Help this innocent Child to get some subs B)
    Help this innocent Child to get some subs B)
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    Who knew such a normal and innocent game contains such lore.

  12. Milo's SafeSpace
    Milo's SafeSpace
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    So me and my friend watched this as we were having lunch and it was fun but it was really funny when the sponsor ad came as neither of us had ever heard of it(from uk)

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      Jay the fox
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    goofy arstotzka
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    Hey can you make lore of civilization 5-6

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    Aura the Neon Fox133
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    I always smile a little bit whenever Aura gives you a message in game. I’m going to give you 10 seconds to figure out why.

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      Aura the Neon Fox133
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    Christoffer Sjøberg
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    MatPat AKA Toilet God

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    Parents don’t understand how much better cleaning in video games is then IRL, I mean, you *have* to clean your room, you can’t stop whenever, but in *videogames* you *can* stop whenever, and it won’t affect your life if you stop and don’t start again, Show this to your family to teach them good sense 😌

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    Thee ArtSee🎗
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    Post Apocalypse
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    The president and the power washing guy are in kahoots the presidents new pipeline filters ash out of other trash and muck in the water and takes it back to the volcano and how it gets in the water is the power washing guy and the reason yhe volcano is going to erupt again is because to much pressure builds up in the pipe and sets off a chain reaction with the volcano

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    I had the strangest coincidence just now I clicked on this video in the first ad that played at the beginning of the video featured MatPat on it I am surprised (reposted because of inappropriate comments from adult channels)

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    Sea Forest
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    Markiplier asked. Matpat was summoned. This timeline is amazing Edit: I SAW SMII7Y YAY

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    Comment and Game
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    Banan Polski
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  48. ⊑ ⍜ ⟟
    ⊑ ⍜ ⟟
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    I’m not that far in but something else I noticed was Muckingham kinda sounds like the way Brits say Buckingham Palace

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    D Dg
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    Can you please do borderlands lore

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    The Redstone_Pro
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    Rami’s Ramen
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  54. Rami’s Ramen
    Rami’s Ramen
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    Play Subnautica on GT Live and make theories.

  55. Rami’s Ramen
    Rami’s Ramen
    3 päeva tagasi

    Play Subnautica on GT Live and make theories.

  56. Jroxs12pone
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    Guess markiplier was right. Some fishy is going on in this game. Lmao (Re sending my comment from a month ago because of porn bot reply comments)

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    Lpvapp The Gamer
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    MatPat: "This video is sponsored by the biggest game ever." Me: Oh is it League Of Legends?- MatPat: "Gardena FreeFire." Me: *Smashes table aggressively* Me: IT'S ####### EVERYWHERE, WHY?! WHY?!?!? WHY MUST I BE CURSED TO SEE BATTLE ROYALE GAMES EVERYWHERE I LOOK?! WHYYYYYY?!?!?! [Repost because really inappropriate accounts were replying]

  58. Hagen springtrap
    Hagen springtrap
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    Hey mat could ya do me a favor and do a theory on red matter it's a vr puzzle/sorta horror game I've played it through twice and it's really fun I think you guys would like it

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    Samuel N
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    15:52 I feel like that is a reference to: Pressure Washing our Sins away from [The Never Forgotten]. I was there

  75. Christina Kinch
    Christina Kinch
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    My country was affected by an ash plume earlier this year, so everyone had large amounts of ash around their homes. Sad to say that literally everyone tried to wash off the ash with garden hoses and pressure washes. Which really in the end, was still needed to be professionally removed. Also, I really liked the use of volcanic terminology in this video. It made me very excited as a Geography student.

  76. Emi Hasumi
    Emi Hasumi
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  79. The ultimate axolotl gamer
    The ultimate axolotl gamer
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      whiteframe 121
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    Marshall Lee
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    Mortimer Smith
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    John Gregory
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    Bakugo Katsuki
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    Storyshift Chara
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    el primo
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    Hidden Scorpius
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    [Reposting the comment because I got bots replying to it.] Sure, call the unwitting power washer guy who wasn't trained to propperly dispose of volcanic ash a villain. His malice deserves him a spot in hell.

  92. TheOctrain 54
    TheOctrain 54
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      Red X
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  94. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper
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    This was a super fun video to watch, but I'm feeling devious today and I'm going to take a pin to your balloon because I'm a d*ckhead like that. The stuff you wash off is identified as dirt and grime, not ash, and it most seemingly does completely wash off completely. I think a professional power washer would know the difference. Still though, great video! :)

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    bread 🍞
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