Game Theory: FNAF, Return To The Pit (3 New FNAF Theories)

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Welcome back to MatPat has too many FNAF theories, that he needs to put multiple in an episode! Today we are going to cover 3 more short Five Nights At Freddy's theories, focusing mainly on the new books. From more information on the ever important Cassidy, to William Afton's time travel shenanigans, there is a LOT to cover! Let's dive into this time traveling ball pit, shall we?

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0:00 - Theory #1
7:40 - Theory #2
12:53 - Theory #3

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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    Qn gwc amm bpqa Uz. Xibzqks. Q iu PM qa inbmz um. 0_00F wv i emjaqbm kittml ZfJftf Xtmiam lmkwlm bpqa.

  2. Fantasy Alarm TV
    Fantasy Alarm TV
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    fnaf is just saying that imortality is depressing while also saying life is a awesome opertunity

  3. Glitchvanny
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    Do book 8 if you look closely at the titles you’ll see letters E.g Gumdrop angel: 10T &&& XXA ZRTYO

  4. Music_Is_Key
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    So, I may be pathetically late with this, and it may have already been considered... but one of the souls in the Stitchwraith endoskeleton, Andrew, was described as a kid with curly black hair wearing an alligator mask. There is a new animatronic in Security Breach, and that would be the gator.

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    gamer007 real
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    If you want me to listen get on your knees and beg

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    Will the afton family return

  7. jose luis martinez garcia
    jose luis martinez garcia
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    What about the ballpit in the trailer

  8. jose luis martinez garcia
    jose luis martinez garcia
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    What was your reaction to darkest desire

  9. It’s complicated and misunderstood
    It’s complicated and misunderstood
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    What if the crying child is protecting the hospital bed because his sister is in the bed trying to recover and he is having nightmares or imagining the things because of lack of sleep because he can’t let go of her. He still see the bite hinting to his NIGHTMARES about the tummy teeth. I know that fanf is not being added on anymore. But we can still try to put some puzzle pieces together

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    Average video watcher
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    When you smell so bad you smell like your dead

  11. Liam Tranka
    Liam Tranka
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    Super horror Bro theorized that glam rock Freddy is not going to hurt us because he is possessed by Michael Afton and that the box represents Michaels tortured mind

  12. Rift
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    Confused while he was burning on how we got here since he was the only one

  13. Rift
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    Greg is short for Gregory Michael Afton might have climbed into the ball pit

  14. Rift
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    My previous comments say that William is a nickname for Greg

  15. Rift
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    Michael Afton might be glitchtrap but it won't let me comment that much

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    Me:mom can I Have fanf Security breach Mom:We have fanf "Security breach" at home. The Security breach 1:09

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    BOBimus Rex
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    I was thinking last night, what if all the games take place in chronological order? Not in terms of the actual date in game, but from the perspective of the night guard. But then you'd have to shoe horn time travel into an already complicated story. Then I remembered the ball pit...

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    estie bestie •¥•
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    2:09 missed a chance to have a decapitated head of a goth girl in his stomach :(

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    I’ve been laughing and crying through this one

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    You should make a book about All this

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    The Collector 906
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    Whoa theorys everywhere 👀😂

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    Moody The Anxious Lizzard
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    The lore is the fearful reflection of what Scott had created.

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    You are scaring me

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    Why wasn't ⟟ subbed 2 u

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    So, Is Mike Afton a good guy?

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    Here’s my theory. Scott has no plan he just makes games and books and let’s matpat do the rest /j

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    Michael Utsey
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    They were both in there but now crying child is in Shadow Freddy

  31. Jack
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    The intro: The Rain: Imma end his whole career. Willam: A- *turns into springtrap*

  32. D4rKPhnX
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    Basically afton has a karma seal

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    Anonymous Hacker5527
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    The intro can actually be a really good meme, you know that Mat? Cause I loved it man!!

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    Idk why but I like purple guy😂😂

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    DEAR Matpat could you please investigate and solve the loose panel mystery in people playground? on the map sea where you can see a blacker panel on the top middle portion of the map. under the light so could you please solve it? IM NOT SPAMMING!

  36. Nuttygranola
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    No golden freddy just has a light in one eye and you can see it on bonnie

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    That One Kid We All Know
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    "this is my last meme about Matpat's last fnaf video" Matpat: *makes another fnaf video* Me: 🙃

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    0:20 Drop of water: I'm about to end this mans whole career!

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    bruh i gotta stop watching these before i sleep

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    14:08 Community reference :)

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    Penguino Rojo
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    Wait, how would crying child be able to recognize Mike if he can't see from Golden Freddy?

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    carry lemons in your mouth
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    3:07 I had to blink for a second there, I kept seeing David byrnes and and now forever waiting for matpats once in a lifetime cover

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    Cassidy is too creepy for me

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    Just a Random German
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    2:10 “Because I am shoving theories everywhere!” Me on the toilet: *Please no.*

  46. FireNinjaCole
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    Wait so micheal Afton is the other aftons son. And so micheal is playing through the games while his father is the reason it is all happening? ik this is unrelated but im confused about afton and his son.

  47. cookies and memes
    cookies and memes
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    why does william sound like a younger, more sane rick?

  48. Soupshake
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    That final theory was very reminiscent of the original marvel zombies series

  49. HeyaItsMeFuntimeFoxy
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    A theory I have: William/scraptrap might be the mystery hand at the end of the security Breach trailer. Look at scraptrap in the Fnaf 6 fire, he’s not in it, he’s in front of it. He’s not in the vents either. Those are trees. He escaped. And still alive. He said “I ALWAYS come back.” And if you realise, if you didn’t see, Springtrap/William/scraptrap. Appeared in fnaf 3, then Fnaf 6, three games later. And Security Breach is Fnaf 9. Three games later. (Not including) UCN And Help Wanted.) this repeated. He could be coming back. he ALWAYS does.

  50. Default Food
    Default Food
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    How do you go from, A murder at Freddy Fazbears pizzeria, to In the end the detective will use the time travelling ball pit with a hunk of metal with 2 dead souls infused in it to save the missing children from the robot killer bunny?

  51. Jackson Sorensen
    Jackson Sorensen
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    Or on how Michael is who we play as in fnaf3 is springtrap is trying to understand who we are in 3

  52. alexa garcia
    alexa garcia
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    The part of the ball pit and the spirit makes sense because she would like you to visit what happens and the truth behind it and because she died in a ball pit it would work as a haunted item

  53. NEWTON_stUdiOs
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    I cant take the books serious, ngl

  54. atiranigma
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    I missed something - what happened to Andrew's spirit that had been with Jake's spirit in the stitch wraith?

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    nature views
    26 päeva tagasi ......

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    likely love gacha
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    7:59 that would of been the best joke

  57. Lychii_Ghost
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    I’ve finally gotten a hold of the hold of the books so now I actually know what’s going on.

  58. lunique ꕥ
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    But what if William go back 8n time to save evan

  60. Z E U S
    Z E U S
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    Me who just got gumdrop angel and also just found out there are T W O more books:🙃

  61. Noah 1525
    Noah 1525
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    Maybe the golden Bonnie suit is why William afton is yellow in that mini game

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    Didn't spring trap still keep killing You had one job water drop

  64. Wooosh me If you gay
    Wooosh me If you gay
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    “Aftermath of a pandemic”- matpat

  65. Zodiac Collector!
    Zodiac Collector!
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    Definitely interesting to see how the books will tie in with Security Breach! Great work as always!

  66. TheDayDreamingAuthor
    28 päeva tagasi

    Hey MatPat, I recently started reading Fnaf's very first novel 'The Silver Eyes' and I caught something interesting in the very beginning that might help you with the whole '1985, first Freddy's place' theory. I direct you to page 3 of 'The Silver Eyes' At the end, there's a text: "What did you expect, that the whole place would be unchanged? A monument to the moment of your departure, frozen forever in July 1985?" Those were Charlie's thoughts after talking about Micheal's death (which could be the crying child in the book). In the same book, page 7, Charlie enters her room and talks about her fathers inventions for her. The first was (quote) 'a purple rabbit, now gray with age from years of sitting in the sunlight. Her father had named him Theodore. He was the size of a three year old child-her size at the time- and he had plush fur, shining eyes and a dapper red bow tie. He didn't do much, only waved a hand, tilted his head to the side, and said in her father's voice, "I love you, Charlie." But it was enough to give her a night watcher, someone to keep her company when she could not sleep. (quote) To me, it sounds similar to how the crying child had Golden Freddy Plush. At the same time, it reminds me of the Bonnie hand in Sister Location in place of Funtime Freddy's hand. A small purple rabbit, He didn't do much, only waved a hand. But it could also be the plush on the chair in FNAF 4 because this rabbit sat on a wicker chair. Here are a few things I've noticed from watching your theories multiple times, pages 8 and 9. Ella the doll is introduced to us. (quote) 'Out sailed Ella on her track, a child-size doll bearing a teacup and a saucer in her tiny hands like an offering.(quote). In page 12, Charlie mentions something that had happened as she sat with her father as he works (quote) In a darkened corner behind her father, barely visible, hung a jumble of metal limbs, a twisted skeleton with burning silver eyes. Every once in a while, it gave an uncanny twitch. [...] The limbs, contorted, seemed almost mocking, the thing a ghastly jester, and yet there was something about it that suggested enormous pain. [...] She pointed at the metal skeleton. Does it hurt? She wanted to ask the question, but when she looked into her father's eyes she found she could not. (quote) And in page 13, a small sentence that reminds me of the camera's watching FNAF 4 house. (quote) A camera tripod of some sort? It was the first unfamiliar thing she'd seen. (quote) Those are some things I've noticed in the span of 30 minutes reading. Back to the 1985 place and the mall looking build in the Security Breach trailer and from what we've seen in the teaser image. I direct you to page 36, where starting from the final paragraph all the way to page 39, there are hints of a bigger location that used to be put on re-build. Quote one: Some parts of the MALL had been almost finished, while others were in shambles. Quote two: others were lined with glass-paneled storefronts, lights hanging in perfect rows above their heads. Quote three: "Why would an abandoned building need a guard?" Charlie wondered. Quote four: "No something isn't right about the architecture." (Jessica) took several steps back, trying to see the whole of it. "Something is definitely not right," She repeated. "It's bigger on the outside." [...] "But there's something in the middle!" Jessica exclaimed. [...] "This part juts out into the parking lot like the stores on each side, but there's no way into it." And at the end, it is questioned from Jessica to Charlie "And"- Jessica dropped her voice so that only Charlie could hear her- "about the same size as Freddy's, don't you think?" Quote five: The light was out in the hall again, bobbing up and down, and it was coming closer. (quote) After they see the light, Charlie and her friends hide and watch as the bobbing light came closer and the night guard pass them in page 41. Reminds me of the way we hide in the Security Breach trailer from the guard. Lastly, starting in page 44, Charlie and her friends find an old Freddy's place hidden in the mall itself. This is some things I've noticed when reading the first 2 chapters. And the mall they speak of reminds me a lot of Security Breach. The date 1985 plays a role as well. You said that we suspect Security Breach is the earlier location before FNAF 2 and that it takes place in 1985. I don't know if this will help you, but I'm putting this comment here in case it does. I also don't know if you'll read this, but if you do, again, I hope it helps. Thank you for reading. Edit: I'm still reading the book, currently on Chapter 5. Found out that the animatronic Charlie saw in the corner was foxy. Though, it's interesting. At the beginning we read Charlie getting attacked by Foxy and she got slashed at the arm on Chapter 4. And Foxy is a big thing seeing as he ties in with Foxy bro, Micheal. Edit 2: On page 137, the diner is mentioned as the first restaurant Charlie's father made. Don't know if this is big, but it's something that stood out to me because of the fnaf messy timeline. Edit 3: Page 160, a yellow-ish brown bunny is mentioned staring at Charlie and her brother. Isn't that the same yellow bunny in 'Into the Pit'? Edit 4: It's said that, in page 161, after her brother dies (quote) Charlie's mother left a little while after that. Charlie did not remember her saying good-bye, although she knew her mother must have. Her mother would not have left without saying a good-bye. Similar to how, after their kid died, William's wife left through their grief. Ballora's song fits to that as well. And a few lines after that, it is mentioned that (quote) It was the day he (Charlie's father) began to build her a mechanical toy, a little dog who titled its head from side to side.(quote) Reminds me of 'Fetch', the dog that was mentioned in the story. After the flashback, we know that Charlie's brother, Sammy, was taken by a yellow rabbit. Micheal disappeared after John (Charlie's friend) saw a yellow bear. Now, the yellow bear could possibly be the bear that bit the crying child in FNAF 4 or Golden Freddy himself. Not sure yet. But the yellow bunny is related to the deaths of 1985 that's been mentioned in 'Into The Pit'. Edit 5: SPRING LOCKS MENTIONED IN PAGE 165! (quote) "I mean it," he (Charlie's father) said. "This is a spring lock, and I want you to know how it works because it's very dangerous, and I don't want you touching these. This is why we never put our hands in the animal costumes; it's very easy to trigger these if you don't know what you're doing, and you could get hurt." (quote) Seems very close to Henry and William. Henry knows the spring locks better. William probably didn't and when he put himself in a spring lock suit, he got really hurt. The water dripping may have made it worse. Edit 6: Does 'Dave' ring a bell from anywhere? It's the name of the guard in the book that catches them in page 171. Page 191 (quote) Dave reached out with his fingertips, savoring the moment, and brushed yellow fur. ...Motherf- so idk if this confirms a name for the yellow rabbit. But it's there for you. Update:Nevermind, that damn Dave was William. Edit 7: A thought came to me as I am reading. The yellow rabbit, is it Spring Trap before he was broken? Is the yellow rabbit suit the same one William hid in from the dead children before getting spring locked? Dave in the story is the yellow rabbit, possibly the one who started the murders. William only gets into the suit after the deaths. Does it signify that William killed before and after the suit or was there someone else before him using that suit that was just thrown around? At the same time, I have a theory. Is Charlie going to use the spring lock she found before on Dave in the yellow bunny? Could it possibly be that spring lock that snaps at William? A spring lock could possibly had been snapped twice. Maybe there was someone before William wearing that bunny suit. Update:Again, after reading the whole book. I realized that Dave was William himself. Also, as I'm writing this, I remember the way Micheal (Charlie's brother) was taken by the yellow bunny and how everyone saw the murders that day. Reminds me of 'Into The Pit' again, the deaths seem very close. 1985 is most likely canon from there. There was a yellow bunny murderer. The question is, was it always William Afton? I'll keep reading and see what happens. But if you'd rather re-read the book yourself, Mat, then go ahead, there could be some details you've put off and never mentioned so I can't tell if they're worth mentioning or not, like Stanley the Unicorn for example. Edit 8: 1979-1982. The dates Charlie and John are looking for in regard to Freddy's Diner. So the location between it and FNAF 2 would have taken place in between 1982 and 1985. 2 or 3 years. Read more and it's found out that Sammy, Charlie's brother, was snatched in November 1982. So the first Freddy's place must have opened after the grief and also been shut down after the events of 1985. But after the first time, why would you make another Freddy's place? It seems strange how, after losing a son, Charlie's father makes another Freddy's place and in it, dies Micheal along with other kids by the yellow rabbit in 1985. He kills himself after, but why build the new place after the first murder? Just something that seemed odd to me.

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    Our Life. Our Story
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    The time travelling theory is a literal parallel of predestination

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    11:33 geist in German means ghost so it's technically dream ghost thought that would be fun to know

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    I made a comment that said " william: *thinks hes safe* Water droplet: I'm about to end this man's whole career just on a diff acc

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    Mat, the other picture that you didn't mention with the security cameras was from the graphic novel of The Twisted Ones. I have the Silver Eyes graphic novel too if you find any other pictures that you don't seem to recognize

  76. LazyPotato_Eli
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    Here’s my theory: Cassidy ISNT the vengeful spirt. The picture of the vengeful spirt has short hair. Cassidy has described as curly black hair (I think, but if not, it’s still not short). Also, the vengeful spirt seems to know about the nightmares, I’m pretty sure that only C.C knows about them. Also, the spirt is described by the nightmares as “he”.

  77. literally hax
    literally hax
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    remember when fnaf was about haunted robots and not about time-travelling avengers and a maniac who is literally immortal?

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    Wait till Mat sees the Gacha life lore.

  79. Carter Crannell
    Carter Crannell
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    I know this is sort of late, but I have a little theory for what could be inside the box… what if it’s the heads from the end of FNAF 3, it looks sort of cluttered, and why would it be so dark, only something that dark would have some sort of very inclosed space.

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    He better release it fast or some 1 might

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    I haven't played any fnaf game in my life, but I do have watched every game theory. I haven't BC I'm too scared of jumpscares.

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    If this theory is true then blackberry Freddy could be the detective going back through time?

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  88. Gage Park
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    I just realized a fnaf roadblock... endo. in fnaf 1 can look at the camera, which proves he is "alive" and in fnaf 2 he can MOVE. weird right??

  89. Linuxrunslow
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    We ignoring the slither boss similarity with the slithering in the walls of the golden freddy story?

  90. Josey Strife
    Josey Strife
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    If were dealing with body snatchers why haven't you considered the possibility that the reason Golden Freddy Crying Child says it's me is because Michael might be a rebuilt version of the Crying Child kinda like how Charlotte and Baby are technically supposed to be the same person just an younger and older version of each other

  91. Dana Korba
    Dana Korba
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    Idk why but I HATE cassidy’s face its just so creepyyy

  92. Hghjrf
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    Maybe every soul is in the box

  93. Katriina kass
    Katriina kass
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    When i saa the "I won the lottery!" I saa mat saying "thats great" what movie was that ?where can i wacht

  94. Sam's Everything Channel
    Sam's Everything Channel
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    In the survival logbook page 39 it shows micheals pen drawing a gravestone and the light text saying MY name so I think micheal is the text

  95. Ethan Major
    Ethan Major
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    You know it’s been so long I forgot why we were trying to figure out about this game what is the end goal for all of this what do we want to know

  96. Tea Droplets
    Tea Droplets
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    this this went to chaos

  97. Sleeper25
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    Could you please do a theory on who is Freddy. We all know it’s Gabriel but who is Gabriel? Is he found in the log book? I’m aware it is on the grave stones but is it connected to the books? It’s the same with Chica. Susie is only on the gravestones I don’t think it’s anywhere else. So what proof is there. I’m not trying to be mean I’m just asking for a theory about this.

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