Game Theory: The Secret Lore of Friday Night Funkin'...

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What is Friday Night Funkin'? Well, it is not your average DDR-esk game, that's for sure! You see, when this game started to make it's rounds around EEfast, I got a lot of requests to cover it. So I started researching. Theorists, this game is FULL of lore... and it gets WEIRD! Seriously, you will have to watch to believe it.

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Forrest Lee, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Animelover4521
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    Qn gwc amm bpqa Uz. Xibzqks. Q iu PM qa inbmz um. 0_00F wv i emjaqbm kittml ZfJftf Xtmiam lmkwlm bpqa.

  2. MannyBot -DEAF-
    MannyBot -DEAF-
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    Woah...I haven't watched Egoraptor in years!! I used to sneak onto the computer and watch him when mom was busy 😂 She did *NOT* want my little bro and I watching him, as did most parents most other parents lol Now if you'll excuse me once this video ends I need to go brush up on my childhood 😛 Edit: Feel you on the sleep issues MP! Including the random loud vids in your playlist! 😵

  3. King Baldwin
    King Baldwin
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    Make a theori of parapa the rapper

  4. Izzydaqueen!!
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    THEORY ON TANKMAN: Boyfriend and Girlfriend failed and Failed to get funky, so they searched far to find a good spot, in their journey, then come across a battle field. They meet tankman, and he instantly realised that he DISPISED the two. He ends up being defeated, so he finds the best person to kill off BF and GF; HANK.

    1. Izzydaqueen!!
      Päev tagasi

      I would LOVE this to become a theory MatPat, so thank you for reading this. Maybe other EEfastrs will use this, and I'm 100% ok with that!! I have another theory, see that on Matt's newest FNF video!! (VS HENRY STICKMAN)

  5. Clone Commander Lexus
    Clone Commander Lexus
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    "Press enter to cringe"

  6. Michael McAlpine
    Michael McAlpine
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    THE MALL SANTA AND SENPI ARE DEAD……….I thought i could get worse than the hollow knight video

  7. BorkBorkImaShork
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    yes you should make a newgrounds theory channel

  8. lamialamia001
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    What if that add a Easter lemon demon and he has the bunny ears and he is carrying a basket with a head

  9. Moses Supposes
    Moses Supposes
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    Please make another theorya

  10. strider
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    0:31 the text on the bottom is true

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  12. HolographicalGames 101
    HolographicalGames 101
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    get into more FNF mods well! (like the eye in the whitty mod and the hex mod and the tricky 2 mod)

  13. TheCommentaryMuffin
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    And then HD came out. d:

  14. miku
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    MatPat Be-Bop-go finish writing the next theory

  15. Igneous Rose
    Igneous Rose
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    Santa is dead, and Santa is just Santa. MatPat - 2021

  16. KittyGlitchGacha
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    Mario's a psychopath Just like William Afton Boyfriend in FNF Does not rhyme this song.

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    your brain is broken

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    My brothers like if you just took to long to FNF

  19. Judgedoes_YT
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    The reason the Mom and Dad have the Santa hostage is so GF and BF can’t talk to him

  20. iiKokichi - Sandwichii
    iiKokichi - Sandwichii
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    Oh wait nvm I just got to the part wheee you mentioned that, LOL 🤪

    1. iiKokichi - Sandwichii
      iiKokichi - Sandwichii
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  21. iiKokichi - Sandwichii
    iiKokichi - Sandwichii
    9 päeva tagasi

    Fun fact, the Lemon Demon isn’t Santa because when I played that week, if you look at the top right corner (it’s kind of a fuzzy memory) you can see a lemon demon. But yeah I am still confused about the holding the mall santa hostage. 🕵🏼‍♀️

  22. Jake_XD
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    btw fnf has no lore

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    Maggie Malinowski
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    Not me actually pressing enter at the beginning

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    Austin Elsing
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    That intro tho

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    mayosh Abus
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    You should make a mod I love the intro-

  26. Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan
    Gremlin boi A.k.A. Dylan
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    1:24 why did you say Simp do you know Simp means only Fans right

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    Ruppy HD
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    How can a video of a boy that sounds like an icecream machine have sooo much lore it s crazy

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    Matpat was spittin for a min in the intro

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    Maisy Yoder
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    who else pressed enter on all the fnf vids to cringe for fun

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    Sonic exe

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    Senpai and the background looks so much like Yandere Simulator :P

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    AB Games
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    Matpat I swear on my life that I will join your team someday... You can't stop me

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    Musical Uprising
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    As a musician, I hate how off time the intro was, but I love it at the same time

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  36. not limer I'm fnf
    not limer I'm fnf
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    Paaarraappppaaaaaaaaaa parapass

  37. The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!
    The Cousin channel All about the best cousins ever!
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    Girlfriend is a Demon, she just turns human Just For Boyfriend :)

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    B E S T I N T R O E V E R

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    I like the Prappa The Rapper reference at the start of the video 😂

  40. Seema
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    Pvz theory plsss plants vs zombies lore plsss

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    Joely Nuzum
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    "Press enter to Cringe"

  42. fire Lord
    fire Lord
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    His name is monster not lemon demon

  43. ollugamer
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    DEAR Matpat could you please investigate and solve the loose panel mystery in people playground? on the map sea where you can see a blacker panel on the top middle portion of the map. under the light so could you please solve it? IM NOT SPAMMING!

  44. Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz
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    The lemon demon is a reference to the Newgrounds creator Lemondemon who made that ultimate showdown video.

  45. the boy squad
    the boy squad
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    its not hey man im going to eat your girlfriend its and then im going to eat your girlfridend

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    Doodle Senpai
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    0:50 Cory’s there!! I seent him!!

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    evected ban
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    Yo that's coryxkenshin first he was in a fnaf video or his hand was in a fnaf video and now je is in a fnf video

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    Amber Annis
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    "press inter to cringe" "Game thearoy 2021"

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    What's with all these games and screwing around with souls?

  51. Manitoba Mily aka Emme
    Manitoba Mily aka Emme
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    I'd like to see the tank man part of this

  52. Anonymous Face
    Anonymous Face
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    Well its confirmed that the mall santa died after the week so it cant be monster

  53. Joana Zenunllari
    Joana Zenunllari
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    i know what bf name

  54. Alien Nathan ເນຕັນຕ່
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    pretty any game that matpat come's across is not normal

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    0:32 accurate.

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    Wait so mods are cannon?

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    14:52 me at 1am

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    i 'unno man

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    Yknow. How you said this would be a diffarent type of channel... Does that mean that in an alternate universe another matpat becomes a fnf channel.... Woah

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    Castle Crashers is literally one of my favorite games of all time

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    I am Soundwave, I am Superior.

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    Only a few people will understand the reference to the almighty Pablo Sanchez

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    Matpa be-bop go finish writing the next theory

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    Isabel Hillerby
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    Boyfreind x pico i love that ship😭💔❤️❤️

    1. Isabel Hillerby
      Isabel Hillerby
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      @KeaneJ123bruh let me have an opinion just you’re really ewwww

    2. KeaneJ123
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      it was a fricking joke, the ship is not canon

    3. KeaneJ123
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    Isabel Hillerby
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    The legendary J1X5
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    “Dang it, our game got popular and now the fans want lore…”

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    Hey, what happened to the monster’s Seecret Meat Box?

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    0:00 XD

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    I did grow up with newgrounds and found the forbidden content. Good to know I wasn't the only one lol.

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    Tomy Thomas stories
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  88. Creeperthecutie_124
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    ik the dude whith the lemon head"s name its corrupton thats why u see courrupetd girlfreind

  89. Commenter
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    Wonder if matpat might make a theory about me..?

  90. Obama
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    Fun Fact:the friday night funkin' rapping but using the vocals language

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    In the bakgrund u se the lemon demon.

  92. Random stranger
    Random stranger
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    MatPat says that the dev's are hiding stuff and then bases most of the timeline on what they said. 🤨

  93. Supersweettart XP
    Supersweettart XP
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    8:45 he said 'Hereditary style" and I had flashbacks of the maggot-covered severed head of the literal devil in the form of a little girl... case you didn't know ;)

  94. sans gaster
    sans gaster
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    SANTA IS NOT MONSTER... in the background of week 5 in background you can see monster in the crowd in the second level.

  95. Zuwaria Sarafine
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  96. Taffylu is a SIMP
    Taffylu is a SIMP
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    Santa’s head is kinda shaped like a lemon. There’s no detail for ears which is weird because all the other characters have detailed ears. Looking at it closely, if you take out the eyes, cheeks and mouth, you’ll notice that the santa doesn’t actually have ears, more like a lemon shaped head like the lemon demon. Of course, this may be far fetched, but all the other characters have detailed ears (except skid and pump) and it’d seem weird that they wouldn’t give SaNtA ears…

  97. Lucas Tait
    Lucas Tait
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    I melted when I saw oneyng and hellbenders in the background as well as johnnyutah being mentioned

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